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Ear Candy: A playlist to activate your week

From right: Annie Clark (St. Vincent), Tom Morrello, Jill Sobule, perform at TEDActive 2011
From right: St. Vincent, Tom Morrello, and Jill Sobule perform at TEDActive 2011

Over the years, we’ve had many talented musical superstars join our TEDActive family. We’ve compiled our favorite music videos by TEDActivators to feed your aural fixation and get you back in the TEDActive spirit — move, shake and do! Don’t have time to watch the videos? We have an audio only playlist at the bottom of this blog post.

Lucky Dragons “Givers”


St. Vincent jammed at TED2011. See her also make an appearance (further down) in  “Wonder,” a crowd-sourced music project from TEDActive 2011.


Singer Jill Sobule and director Hiro Murai collaborated with the John Lennon Educational Bus Tour to create and produce TEDActive 2011’s theme song about rediscovering wonder.


Daedalus is a founding DJ of internet radio station Dublab. Daedalus and other DJs from Dublab were present at past TEDActives to spin beats and create the perfect ambiance for creating ideas. 


LA-based Las Cafeteras played on the final evening at La Quinta, Palm Springs at TEDActive 2012. “La Bamba Rebelde” will get you dancing, just like attendees were:


Sara Watkins played the fiddle and sang in Taco Pants, the TEDActive 2010 band made up of Jill Sobule, John Doe, Stuart Johnson, and Dave Way. Sara’s lovely original song “Take Up Your Spade”:


Guitar-master and ex member of Rage of the Machine Tom Morello shredded on the TEDActive 2011 stage. An ode to human freedom, here is “Road I must travel”:


Wendy Melvoin, of Wendy & Lisa (and former bandmate of Prince), performed at the Desert Party at TEDActive  2011.


In four days at TEDActive 2010, the John Lennon Educational Tour BusJill Sobule, John Doe, Sara Watkins, Stuart Johnson, Don Was, Dave Way and Krish Sharma collaborated to create this music video. Data artist Aaron Koblin directed the video, using drawings made by attendees on ideas about what the world needs now.

An audio playlist for your ears only:

Need more to listen to?

For TEDActive 2010, 2011 and 2012, Dublab DJs frosty and Turquoise Wisdom created “Entry Mixes,” sonic explorations of the TED conference themes. Attendees could get their heads in the right state of mind. Check out these playlists:

TEDActive 2010 Entry Mix: “Timeless Gems Worth Spreading”

TEDActive 2011 Entry Mix: “Rediscovery of Wonder”

TEDActive 2012 Entry Mix: “Full Spectrum”

Public HeART felt

We brought our hearts together at TEDActive and publically peaced our lost with found.

Some pinned their heart to red felt, remembering lost loved ones.

Charlotte’s hand made stencils of Amy’s hands, and hands on hearts on tees…

quickly made new friends, and found their way to the TEDActive stage;

where our public heART throb, miss amy kr, lifted our hearts with this sweet farewell:

TEDActive 2011 farewell video: March Forth! from Amy Krouse Rosenthal on Vimeo.

Photo credit: Michael Brands for TED

Social networks — your interpretation?

I love connecting with people! Love meeting them, understanding where they come and what makes them who they are. Through my travels I have met amazing individuals. I was born in Senegal, where for generations, the palaver tree was a symbol of communication, sharing and collaboration throughout Africa — people would gather under its protective shade to listen to stories, share ideas and news and resolve community problems and conflicts. This made me realize while working on the social networks project that we are all connected.

TEDActive is a social network, and for me it’s like the old beautiful tree we see in villages of Africa. I deeply believe that makes a difference to humanity and what makes us safe, strong and able to grow as individuals.

Our social network group has pulled ideas from all around the world, drawing on people’s expertise in documenting Middle Eastern and African issues, understanding markets and mapping humanity. We looked at complexity in online and offline networks, how online reputation or “social aura” is nurtured, and how we can turn inspiration into action. Each of us in the group has chosen one of seven questions which we will ask our fellow attendees and people in our social networks as a way of gathering more insight. And we’ll use your responses to inform human-sized actions we can take at the end of the week to spread inspiration.

Here are some of the questions we asked:

Social networks

And here are some videos:

Are social networks good or evil? You can decide … but we hope it is good, and that maybe each of us, in our own way can make a difference, be courageous, find a purpose and share it.

Together, we have the power to change our world.